The family of ex-Barcelona footballer Alves is planning to borrow €1 million for his release from prison

Only one bank agreed to provide a million euro loan to get the former Barcelona footballer out of prison


03/26/2024 03:07

The only bank has approved a loan of €1 million to the former Barcelona defender Dani Alvesso that he can be released from prison on bail.

A Barcelona court has allowed the ex-Barcelona footballer to be temporarily released from custody on bail while the appeal is considered. Dani will have to surrender her Brazilian and Spanish passports and appear in national court once every seven days.

La Vanguardia writes that Alves couldn’t pay the full amount himself, so he turned to the father of his ex-Brazil teammate for help Neymarbut he refused.

Dani’s lawyers asked banks to help provide a loan. Most refused to save face, but one agreed.

Let us remind you that from February 22 this year Alves is in prison – received 4.5 years in a rape case.

Author Elena Galabaeva

Elena Galabaeva – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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