The Federation of Publishers criticizes its “illegal” exclusion from the Press Card Committee – Al-Youm 24

The Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers expressed its astonishment at its illegal and immoral exclusion from the presence of the Press Card Committee.

A statement said that following the issuance of a report by the Professional Press Card Committee of the National Press Council, stating that a meeting would be held in the presence of representatives of the most representative professional bodies, the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers informed that the Interim Committee did not extend any invitation to it to participate in this meeting, as it has always done. Always that way, until last year.

The Federation held those in charge of the interim committee responsible for the committee, and disavowed its responsibility for everything that might taint the process of completing the professional cards, including errors and violations, regarding which it did not make any comment due to exclusion and lack of knowledge.
The Federal Republic confirmed in a statement that the 2018 National Press Council elections granted it, by vote, all the seats in the newspaper publishers category, and until new elections are organized, it remains the most representative body by law and logic.
Depending on the number of journalistic companies that are members of the body, the interests of the guardian ministry have the regulations of companies within the ranks of the federation, and are known to have regional branches as well, and thus it is also the most representative body in the field and by the standards of the relevant general laws.
According to the above, the Federation says that the Interim Committee does not have the right to determine, capriciously and unilaterally, who is the most representative body, but rather this is due to the laws in force in the Kingdom.
On the other hand, the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers wonders what changed between last year and this year, and why did the Federation attend the card committee meetings last year, and in the years before that, and were not invited this time? Were there elections held whose results determined new facts? Is there a new law issued in Morocco that was invoked today?
Since none of that happened, the “strange and reprehensible behavior” committed by the Interim Committee against the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers is a deliberate attempt to exclude and deport it, and to further punish it for its refusal to violate the country’s laws.

The Federation said that it has always remained committed to extending its hand to cooperation and joint work, and all the events that took place in recent months confirmed the validity of everything that the Federation called for, and it refrained, in return, from any exploitation of the weak performance of the Interim Committee or the confusion that the Card Committee has been recently involved in, which is being protested against. Today there are many, and she said that all of this was committed to by the federation, hoping for the intervention of rational people from the vicinity of the Interim Committee or from the Ministry of the Sector, but the recent exclusionary step shows that the logic of isolation, stubbornness, and escaping forward is what governs “the mentality of the parties that today dominate the Interim Committee and those who stand behind it.”
The Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers renewed its condemnation of what the Interim Committee had done against it, and called on the Ministry of the Sector and all state institutions entrusted with enforcing the laws to intervene to stop this widespread mood in the management of the profession today, and to put an end to the errors and negative repercussions that this mentality causes, some of which take on a character. Dangerous, trampling on the country’s laws, and offering strange gifts to opponents of the kingdom’s territorial integrity.
The Federal Reserve said that it reserves the right to implement all procedures and resort to all legal institutions concerned with ensuring the application of the law, and to stand by everyone harmed by violations related to the granting of a professional card. It also renews its demand for the Interim Committee to publish the regulations of everyone who receives a press card, and to open this to the public. Comments and appeals from those who may be interested.

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