The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip constitutes the first moral world war, according to the world’s testimony (former minister)

The former Minister for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, Habib Chobani, considered that the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip constitutes “the first moral world war as witnessed by the world,” compared to the First and Second World Wars, which the world did not witness, even though the death toll in them reached 30 million soldiers and 46 million civilians. .
During a symposium organized today, Saturday, by the Raissouni Forum for Scientific Dialogue, he called for spreading awareness of the primacy of the “Jewish question” and emphasizing that its reliance on establishing a racist state for the Jews in Palestine is what will lead them to a new diaspora. He also called for spreading a correct Qur’anic awareness of the relationship between Muslims and Jews, in a way that enables differentiation from the ISIS model that is intended to be globalized by the West and authoritarianism.
He urged spreading awareness of the importance of building a Qatari and national security perspective that is the opposite of Zionist national security, especially with the failure of normalization in light of current events.
He believes that “the new media has contributed to recovering 75 years of narratives of the Palestinian people’s suffering with the crimes of the Zionist occupation.”
It also contributed to exposing the falsity of the myths founding this occupation, and the victory of the heroic image of Palestinian resistance, and the legendary steadfastness of the defenseless Palestinian people.
It also constituted “a fundamental pillar for the victory of the resistance and the achievement of a state of witness to an Islamic civilization, which was manifested in establishing solidarity with the Palestinian people, and making it the first in the world in the concerns of all humanity.”
He also presented “a global picture of the polarity in the conflict between an Islamic resistance that is sophisticated religiously and militarily, and brutal militias in the form of a regular army of a settler entity that is an agent of Western colonialism in the region.”

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