The hard core of Fidesz is working to lure back the fallen Katalin Novák

Skrabski was an advisor to Katalin Fruzsina Novák, the Fidesz vice-president who became the fallen president of the republic.

Crime and impunity. Source: Facebook

After the scandalous decision of the “family-friendly” politician, which had been hidden for months, came to light, Skrabski, a hardcore Fidesz member, had no intention of resigning from his position as an adviser.

Last summer, Novák pardoned a child protection specialist who had moved from Romania to Hungary, after his participation in a pedophile crime and his final prison sentence.

Skrabski has now put out a call on his social media page, which can make an even more disastrous case for Fidesz make further waves in the public.

Skrabski in his infinite wisdom He wrote this:

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