The Social Front is preparing to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the launch of the “February 20” movement – Today 24

The Moroccan Social Front is preparing to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the launch of the February 20 Movement, on Tuesday of the third week of this month, calling for “the release of all political detainees, especially the detainees of the Rif Movement and other bloggers and journalists.”

The Front said that this immortalization will take place in light of conditions characterized by “the continuation of the Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people, and the genocide of the people of Gaza in particular,” in addition to “the continuation of the high cost of living as a result of the policies followed based on dependency, monopoly, rent, and corruption, and bearing the consequences of these policies on the people.” Moroccan.”

The Front criticized “the large increases in a number of taxes, the liquidation of the clearing fund to the extreme, and the rise in the water and electricity bills, which will empty the scraps of financial aid to poor families within the framework of so-called social protection of any benefit,” as it put it.

She said, “The state and the Patrons will work to deny the right to retirement and impose a law regulating the strike.”

The Social Front, which includes parties, unions, and associations belonging to the leftist movement, drew attention to the fact that as the years of drought continue, “the situation will become more severe, especially for small farmers and poor farmers who will pay the price of the failure of support programs, plans for a green Morocco, the green generation, water policies, spatial exclusion, and all manifestations of marginalization.” “.

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