The head of a group and 4 contractors were imprisoned in Marrakesh in connection with a financial corruption case – Al-Youm 24

Yesterday, Thursday, the Regional Division of the Judicial Police in the city of Marrakesh referred to the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal, the head of the Bikodin community, the leadership of the Taroudant prefecture staff, along with 4 contractors and a technician in the same group.

The Attorney General called for an investigation to be conducted against the suspects for wasting and embezzling public funds and forgery, each one according to what is attributed to him.

The investigating judge in charge of money crimes at the same court questioned the head of the aforementioned group, and in light of that decided to place him, along with a contractor, in the civil prison in Marrakesh, while taking judicial control measures against the rest of the suspects, by closing the borders to them until the end of the investigation.

This comes against the backdrop of a complaint submitted by the Marrakesh-South Regional Branch of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds.

Commenting on this issue, Mohamed Al-Glousi, President of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Money, said that Morocco is going through a delicate circumstance at all levels, and broad social groups and segments are bearing the bill of the economic and social crisis, such as high prices, drought, in addition to water scarcity, inflation, and bribery. In exchange for a limited group benefiting from wealth, and some people accumulating this wealth illegally by exploiting public decision-making positions.

He stressed that this situation requires declaring a relentless war against corruption and the plunder of public money, holding the thieves of public money accountable, and confiscating their money obtained from illegal sources, pointing out that corruption poses a real danger to the state and society, and a real political will must be present to confront it before it is too late. .

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