The Israeli army said it had surrounded the Jabaliya area in the Gaza Strip | November 21, 2023

“The 162nd Division completed the encirclement of Jebaliya and prepared to continue the offensive <...> Artillery formations of the 215th Division, together with the Air Force, worked to prepare the area for battle in Jebaliya. The force attacked terrorist targets with the help of fighter jets and UAVs. The targets included three underground mines on the outskirts of Jebaliya, where the terrorists were discovered,” the report said.

551st Brigade forces worked with special forces north of Jabaliya to eliminate targets and clear the way for troops to move.

In total, the Israeli Air Force carried out strikes on approximately 250 targets over the past 24 hours Hamas in the north of the Gaza Strip.

A new round of confrontation between Israel and the Hamas movement began after the morning of October 7, Palestinian forces from the Gaza Strip fired at the Jewish state and entered the border areas in the south of the country, where they opened fire on both military and civilians, and also took hostages.

In response, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Iron Swords. Within a few days, the IDF took control of all settlements near the border and began carrying out airstrikes on targets, including civilians, in the enclave.

At the end of October, the ground phase of the Israeli operation began. Gaza City is surrounded by ground forces, and the enclave is effectively divided into southern and northern parts.

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