The King praises the “collective leadership” for managing “Bam” and congratulates Al-Mansouri, expressing his “appreciation” for Wahbi – Today 24

King Mohammed VI sent a telegram of congratulations to Fatima Zahraa Mansouri on the occasion of her election as coordinator of the collective leadership of the General Secretariat of the Authenticity and Modernity Party.

Among what was stated in this telegram: “We are pleased to congratulate you on the success of the work of your party’s fifth conference, and the formula it concluded, aiming to establish organizational governance, to perform the roles constitutionally assigned to political parties in a renewed manner, and to consolidate its position among the serious parties involved in the national democratic and development project.” “.

The King added, “We also extend our congratulations to you on the occasion of your election as coordinator of the collective leadership of the General Secretariat of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, whose members include Mr. Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd and Mr. Salah Al-Din Abou El-Ghali, by its National Council, with our sincere wishes to you for every success in carrying out your responsibilities.” The new party leadership.

The King emphasized that “this election not only confirms the extent of the appreciation you enjoy among the members and members of your political body, given your commitment to defending the principles of the party, whether as a fighter who has been involved in its project since its founding, or as president of its National Council, or as elected on its behalf, but it also reflects the status you deserve.” Which Moroccan women have come to occupy in various areas of national life, especially at the party level, and which your party has worked to give them the appropriate organizational position.”

The king added, “We are certain that, thanks to your humanitarian qualities, your proven competence and experience, and your usual firm adherence to the nation’s sanctities and principles, you will continue to work, within the framework of your new party tasks, in order to strengthen your party’s position.” And consolidating his active involvement, from his political position, in promoting what we call for, the necessity of consolidating trust and credibility of political bodies, by devoting a noble political culture and practice, based on seriousness in interacting with the legitimate aspirations of citizens, and dedication to making serving the public good the ultimate goal of every action. Party politician.”

His Majesty concluded by saying: “As we express our appreciation to the former Secretary-General of the party, Mr. Abdel Latif Wehbe, we ask you to convey our highest expressions of appreciation to all the party’s male and female activists.”

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