The main reason for fruiting: we talk about remontant raspberries

The main reason for fruiting: we talk about remontant raspberries


02/12/2024 07:04

Raspberries are a popular berry plant that brings pleasure for its juicy and aromatic fruits. However, there are two main types of raspberries – regular raspberries and remontant raspberries.

The main difference between regular and remontant raspberries is their fruiting seasons. Regular raspberries bear fruit only once a year, usually in late summer or early fall. This means that the plant forms flower buds in the fall or winter and then flowers and bears fruit the following year. After fruiting, old shoots usually die off and new ones grow in their place.

On the other hand, remontant raspberries have the ability to bear fruit twice a year – once in early summer and again in late summer or early autumn. The plant forms flower buds throughout the growing season and bears fruit both on shoots that have grown in the current year and on shoots that have grown in the previous year. Remontant raspberries allow you to harvest berries twice a year, which is very attractive for many gardeners.

It should also be noted that remontant raspberries require more careful care and pruning than regular raspberries. Since the plant has two fruiting cycles, it is important to prune the shoots correctly to prevent overlap of their fruiting zones and to ensure good air circulation. Pruning also helps control the size of the plant and makes it easier to pick berries from.

Some gardeners prefer regular raspberries because they are easy to grow and require less pruning and maintenance. However, remontant raspberries are very popular due to the opportunity to get a harvest not only in the main season, but also in early summer. It can be especially useful for those who want to get fresh and tasty berries throughout the summer.

The choice between regular and remontant raspberries depends on the preferences of the gardener. Regular raspberries may be easier to care for but offer only one season of fruiting, while remontant raspberries bear fruit twice but require more extensive care. In any case, both of these raspberries delight us with their delicious and aromatic berries, which can be used in many culinary recipes and desserts.

What is the difference between remontant raspberries and regular ones?

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