The Moscow assassins were beaten in the head, their faces became almost unrecognizable: the brutal recordings made after their interrogation were leaked

Brutal footage of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Moscow caught by the Russian authorities has come to light. The authorities are not treating them with gloves, one of them is already in the intensive care unit.

The concert hall Crocus City Hall, in which gunmen wearing military camouflage opened fire in Krasnogorsk on March 22, 2024, is on fire. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers, armed with automatic weapons, threw grenades or incendiary bombs into the auditorium, where a large explosion was heard, followed by a fire. MTI/AP/Vitaly Smolnikov

The unexpected terrorist attack in Moscow caused a huge shock in Russian society. As is known, armed assassins stormed into the concert hall of the Crocus City Hall shopping center, where they killed more than 130 civilians with machine guns.

After the incident, a huge manhunt was launched for the terrorists, who were caught while fleeing – according to the authorities, near the Ukrainian border. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, and the four perpetrators are of Central Asian, Tajik nationality.

As evidenced by the various videos, they were quite untrained. They have already given a statement to the Russian authorities, according to the authorities, they found no signs of their connection with the Islamic State.

Photo: Reddit/Handsome_Stud_

By now, the suspected instigators have also been caught, and various channels (mainly Telegram) have gathered quite a lot of footage of the captured terrorists, who, according to the photographs, may have undergone very harsh interrogations.

One of the perpetrators was admitted to the intensive care unit in the meantime, and he also arrived at the trial accompanied by an ambulance.

It seems that the principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth applies to the Moscow assassins.

After their interrogation, they published the photographs taken of the four men, based on which it can be said that they are in a brutal state. Their faces were swollen and several bones may have been broken. One of them, a man with a mutilated ear, also has a bandage on his face, writes a

More pictures HERE you can watch it.

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