The prime minister’s press chief Zoltán Balog reacted to the announcement

Late in the afternoon, Zoltán Balog published the video in which he talked about Tuesday’s presidential meeting.

Photo: MTI/Prime Minister’s Press Office/Zoltán Fischer

As we reported, Zoltán Balog called together the deacons of the Reformed Church by Tuesday morning to report on the grace scandal, or, as he put it, “to discuss and respond to the attacks on the church.” Balog announced in a video message, bthey voted for him, it also turned out that he supported K. Endre getting a pardonbut he said he made a mistake and apologizes for it.

Telex asked the Prime Minister’s press chief what they think about the decision and how they evaluate it.

As a member of the Reformed Church, Viktor Orbán trusts the church leaders and the power of the church

Bertalan Havasi answered the inquiry.

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