The reason for the possible deprivation of Kirkorov’s title has been named


12/29/2023 13:20

Philip Kirkorov may be deprived of the title of People’s Artist. This opinion was expressed by a legal scholar, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation Ivan Solovyov.

The expert explains his point of view by saying that the basis for this is the artist’s behavior both on stage and in everyday life.

“I am sure that with the advent of the ban on LGBT* propaganda, taking into account the frankly obscene behavior of the performer both on stage and in everyday life, significant legal grounds have appeared to raise the question of the possibility of preparing a proposal to deprive Mr. Kirkorov of the honorary title “People’s artist of Russia,” he noted.

At the same time, Solovyov emphasized that such a title is awarded to artists not because they sing well, but for their creativity and personality as a whole.

Previously, the Ministry of Culture spoke about stripping Kirkorov of his title. The reason for this is the singer’s participation in a blogger’s party. Anastasia Ivleeva with a nude dress code at the Mutabor club.

*Extremist organization banned in Russia

Author Victoria Borisyuk

Victoria Borisyuk is a journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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