The Royal Army is at the top, shared with Raja Casablanca, after its draw with Al-Salem – Al-Youm 24

The Royal Army rose to the lead, shared with Raja Athletic, after tying with Al-Shabab Athletic Salmi with two goals to the same, the match that took place today, Friday, on the ground of Al-Bashir Stadium in Mohammedia, at the conclusion of the matches of the 13th round of the professional tournament in its first division.

Al-Shabab Sports Club Al-Salmi started the match in its first round without introductions, after it was able to open the scoring from the fourth minute through the player Younis Sakhi, so the military team found itself required to adjust the result, and who was searching for the goal of victory, especially since the Royal Army needed to achieve the three points to return to the top. Which is currently occupied by Raja Athletic Club.

The Royal Army continued to search for an equalizer, until it was able to achieve its goal in the 41st minute through player Khaled Ait Warkhan, returning the match to the starting point, so that each team searched for the goal of victory, as they tried together to reach the net in the remaining minutes, to no avail. Thus, the first round ended with a positive draw, one goal for the same, between the two sides.

The two sides tried to reach the goal in the second round, through the attempts made available to them, but failure was the most prominent title of all the opportunities they were given, due to the large number of missed balls, as well as the good position of the defenses and goalkeepers together, not to mention the players’ haste in ending the attacks.

After many failed attempts, Al-Shabab Sports Club Al-Salmi was able to add the second goal through player Hussein Rahimi in the 71st minute, and the Royal Army found itself required for the second time to score a tie in order to gain at least a point, instead of losing the full three points, which it was able to do in time instead. The goal was scored by Aladdin Agray, ending the match in a positive draw, two goals for the same.

The Royal Army raised its score to 27 points at the top of the professional championship, shared equally with Raja Sports Club, while the score of Al-Shabab Sports Club Salmi froze at point 12 in rank 13.

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