Sylvi Bódi’s most private part is covered only by her stiletto feet, the commenters fainted from her photo

“Either I ask for your hand or the heart attack wins!” – writes one of them.

As is well known, the Hungarian model-influencer has been living in Bali for some time, where he has been doing more and more with his favorite hobby, surfing. And the abundance of sports is also visible on her body: Sylvi is quite simply in bomb shape. So it’s not surprising that she likes to post photos of herself with barely anything covering her body.

Her most recently posted professional photo, though probably older, also showed a lot of her body – so much so that it looks like she’s not wearing any underwear. The model, on the other hand, accepted the picture, and the commenters are very grateful for it: especially the men are swooning over the picture.

The photo here can be viewed by clicking.

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