The Russian Armed Forces are advancing in the Chasov Yar area, Pushilin said

The city is located on a hill: the elevation difference from Krasny to the center of Chasov Yar is 110 meters. This geographical feature turns the settlement into an important fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from which the surrounding area can be seen for kilometers.

The same feature is important for the Russian army. His release will most likely force the Ukrainian Armed Forces to withdraw from neighboring settlements located in the lowlands: Nikolaevka, Chernovoy, Novodmitrovka and, most importantly, Konstantinovka – a large city with a pre-war population of 67 thousand people 11 kilometers southwest of Chasov Yar. In the future, Konstantinovka may become a springboard for an attack on Kramatorsk, where one of the main headquarters of the Donbass group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is located.

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