This weed can ruin the harvest at your dacha: we’re talking about hogweed

This weed can ruin the harvest at your dacha: we’re talking about hogweed


03/25/2024 12:09

Hogweed is one of the most common and unpleasant weeds that can ruin the harvest at your dacha. We all know how important it is to keep summer cottages in perfect condition, so in this article we will tell you about effective ways to combat hogweed.

In the fight against this unwanted guest, the main thing is its identification. Hogweed is a tall plant with large, heart-shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers collected in inflorescences. Hogweed leaves have deep green blooms, making them easy to distinguish from other plants in your yard.

When you have determined the presence of hogweed in your dacha, you should take measures to effectively destroy it. Before you begin controlling this weed, be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses to avoid contact with its sap, which can cause allergic reactions.

The first method of controlling hogweed is to manually dig up the plants. Place the shovel as deep as possible near the root of the plant and carefully dig it out of the soil. It is important to remove the plant completely, including its roots. It is recommended to collect the dug up plants in bags and dispose of them along with the rest of the garbage.

If the hogweed has already formed an independent settlement at your dacha, manual digging may be impractical. In this case, the use of herbicides will come in handy. One of the most effective is glyphosate-based herbicide. But before using it, be sure to read the instructions and follow the recommendations indicated in it. The herbicide should be applied only to the leaves of hogweed plants, avoiding contact with other crops.

In addition, you can use the method of intimately combating hogweed, preventing its growth and spread. Till the soil regularly to disrupt the root system of this weed. It is also worth paying attention to soil cultivation to get rid of weeds and prevent their spread.

Another method of controlling hogweed is to cover the garden area with mulch, such as sawdust, straw or grass. This helps prevent light from reaching the weed, which will stunt its growth.

Don’t forget to regularly inspect your area to promptly detect and remove any adult hogweed plants or seeds. Weeds recover quickly, so regular control of them is a necessity.

And finally, remember that successful control of hogweed in the countryside requires patience and consistency. Don’t let weeds take over your area and take timely measures to destroy them. This way, you can keep your dacha in perfect condition and enjoy a bountiful harvest without unwanted guests.

How to get rid of hogweed forever?

Author Vladislav Lenivko

Vladislav Lenivko – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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