The Shami Council calls for delegating some public utility services to associations – Al-Youm 24

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council recommended that public authorities and territorial communities assign or delegate some public utility services to civil society associations, especially in the areas of proximity and tasks of achieving the public interest, and in a way that provides services to users within the deadlines and with the required quality.
In his “Vigilance Point,” he proposed promoting the partnership between the state and associations within the framework of a renewed vision of each party’s commitments with regard to the rules of good governance, benefiting from public funding, the quality of goals and initiatives, and tracking and evaluating the results achieved.
He also recommended encouraging collective employment, proposing “expanding the circle of associations benefiting from tax incentives and setting the income tax in lower brackets in relation to the higher wages that associations pay to female and male workers, in view of the expected review of the income tax during the coming year.”
He called for giving a new and strong impetus to associational life, enabling it to contribute effectively to development.
He called for the creation of new associations, by creating common spaces equipped to embrace the associations, and providing them with the necessary work tools (telephone, Internet connection, computers, assistance in creating their websites, subscriptions to databases and digital services, etc.).
In this regard, he believes that there are two approaches to change, the first related to measures of a legal and structural nature, while the second is based on measures of a financial and tax nature.

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