“The sole-licking minister from Fidesz would be in prison a long time ago” – Hadházy listed the “crimes” of Zoltán Balog

According to some, the only question is whether Zoltán Balog will resign from the presidency of the synod or from the position of bishop?

Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh

According to press reports, it is possible that Bishop Zoltán Balog will be dismissed today (Tuesday). According to some reports, he can resign “only” from the presidency of the synod, others from the position of bishop. Either way, this would be ALMOST as much of a shame for the Hungarian Reformed Church as the fact that the Fidesz minister was elected bishop and then president of the Synod. This – as well as his election – would show that the once stiff-necked Calvinists have become a servile decorative church, which the owner of the Castle Theater is tossing around, only because he now wants to create scapegoats and settle accounts with everyone who caused him inconvenience. Moreover, the prime minister who spectacularly converted to Catholicism in the recent past would make them jump, because that is precisely his interest now.

By the way, Balog – who for some reason even accompanied President Novák to Australia and among the Papuans, I wrote about this several times – would be in prison long ago in a decent country, so much hogwash happened in the ministry that was once under his supervision. Really only at the level of mention: Oveges program, Roland Mengyi “Voldemort” Roland Mengyi’s tenders for criminals or things worn by Flória Farkas. These were not important, they could still make him a bishop, but now that the scandal had broken out, I would break his neck with one swift movement.

– wrote Ákos Hadházy on his social media page News about Zoltán Balog and then added a personal confession: many things hurt from what Fidesz did to the country, but as a proud Reformed, what it did to this church is especially painful.

Source: Facebook/Ákos Hadházy

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