The winner of the music show “Brighter than the Stars” has been announced


12/31/2023 01:06

On December 30, 2023, the TNT channel presented the final release of the new music show “Brighter than the Stars.”

In each of the 13 episodes, participants unknown to the general public were transformed into stars of domestic and world show business. Jury including a renowned dubbing actress Tatyana Shitovawinner of “One to One” Alexey Chumakovas well as comedians Marina Kravets And Ivan Abramov, evaluated their performances. The show was hosted by Garik Martirosyan.

The finale of the show featured 13 contestants, including 12 solo performers and one group. We competed in the super final ABBA Mia, Irina Chumakova, Polina Smirnova, Michelle Baravi And Yana Vainovskaya.

The winner was determined by the audience in the studio, and Yana Vainovskaya became the best with 83 votes, earning a certificate worth 5 million rubles. Polina Smirnova (69 votes) took second place, and Irina Chumakova (50 votes) took third place, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

Yana Vaynovskaya, 37 years old, previously participated in “Voice-4” under the direction of Polina Gagarina, has been actively releasing songs since 2018. Her latest singles are “Give Thanks” and “Warriors Don’t Die.”

Previously reportedthat the Mutabor club is going to sue 70 million rubles from Ivleeva for a “naked” party.

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