These tips will help you get a flat stomach after giving birth


12/30/2023 08:39

After childbirth, the skin in the abdominal area loses its elasticity due to stretch marks and becomes flabby. Getting back in shape is possible, as examples of female athletes, including mothers, show. For example, Tatiana Volosozhar, Yana Yegoryan And Svetlana Romashina – mothers of many children and Olympic champions.

Achieving this goal requires a comprehensive approach, including nutrition correction. The diet should be balanced, including cereals, white meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and vegetable fats. It is important to avoid fatty foods and drink enough water.

Physical activity also plays a key role in eliminating belly fat. It is recommended to start training 6-8 weeks after birth, with a moderate warm-up. Exercises such as the plank are effective for shaping the abdomen.

Massage and rubbing with a massage brush also help tighten the skin. Daily massage sessions for 10-15 minutes using stretch mark cream can improve skin condition. However, it is important to consider possible contraindications.

Thus, a balanced diet, physical activity and skin care will help you quickly and effectively regain a flat stomach after childbirth.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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