They started harassing Gábor Zacher wildly after he beheaded Viktor Orbán

Toxicologist Gábor Zacher spoke to about several interesting topics, such as obese politicians and popular anger.

In the last I’m coming interview of 2023, toxicologist Gábor Zacher was asked a They talked, for example, about the health status of the Hungarian population and the role of influential public actors such as politicians in this.

There are at least one million diabetics in Hungary, and a considerable percentage of the population belongs to the obese category, and we can see exactly how obesity and a number of diseases – for example, obesity was a very serious risk factor for Covid – are related to each other. And that could be changed

said the specialist. Touting a possible solution to the problem, Zacher said he would try to talk to an influencer to set a positive example.

We could even think of an obese Hungarian politician who would say that yes people, unfortunately I am obese, what if we could change this. And then every two months the guy would come out, get on the scale and say he’d lost four kilos again. Think about it, if he can do it, so can I, because I know him.

According to Zacher, this would have a very positive public health benefit even in the short term, and would be measurable after two years.

He also told the paper that leading politicians are also influencers, because hundreds of thousands or even a million people follow them, and millions vote for their parties.

However, “when we see that they are there with the good little knuckle tripe, the eight-egg pasta, and the phrases “pálinka is an essential food” are heard, then we should not expect miracles from this whole story. Because the same thing can backfire: if he can allow himself to be like this, then I can allow myself too.”

The case was also discussed when Zacher spoke about Viktor Orbán being fat, but he could set a good example if he lost weight.

Then I practically fell victim to the motherfuckers of the Internet, and the mildest was when my mother was referred to as the last dirty pig.

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