This is one of the Orbáns’ most serious corruption cases, they send life-threatening ventilators to Ukraine in an inhumane way – Momentum issued a statement

In a video published on Facebook, Márton Tompos, the deputy faction leader of Momentum, shows that the Hungarian government is preparing to donate ventilators of dubious quality, type VG70, to the war-torn Ukraine.

Image: Facebook/Péter Szijjártó

The Hungarian government is sending 100 ventilators to Ukraine. Of these, 24 are of the VG70 type, of which you should know that there are many of them in Hungarian hospitals and there are quite a few problems with them

Tompos writes in his post.

Márton Tompos tried to inquire about the possible technical defects of the mentioned model with the Chinese manufacturer, Aeonmed, but his questions were not answered. At the same time, the manufacturer issued several “urgent safety warnings” about its product last year.

Tompos won a lawsuit against the Szijjártós due to the foreign affairs’ dubious ventilator deals, and they then sent executors to them.

At the end of his post, the Momentum politician highlights:

The ventilator business is one of the most serious corruption cases of the millennium. The fact that the unnecessarily accumulated, unusable stock is scattered around the world to other countries does not change this either. It is completely indefensible and inhumane to send equipment to a neighbor at war, which can be known from domestic experience to be no good.

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