This is the real overhead reduction – One store chain sells seven thousand products cheaper than last year

A central element of Auchan’s pricing policy is to keep prices below last year’s level for 7,000 food and non-food products that are essential to our daily lives and maintaining our households. The purpose of this is to help preserve the purchasing power of the Hungarian population throughout the year.

The company offers 20-60% cheaper products in its hypermarkets, and these reductions are not just temporary promotions, but permanent price reductions.

The Hungarian market has always reacted significantly to changes in prices, especially food price increases. As a result of this the role of sales and promotions continued to strengthen, and the popularity of affordable own-brand products also increased. Large supermarket chains compete with each other, using different pricing strategies in order to retain their customers.

Illustration: pixabay

In order to preserve the purchasing power of customers, Auchan pays special attention to price reduction. This year, 7,000 products are offered in their hypermarkets at 20-60% cheaper, and these reductions are not just temporary salesbut permanent price reductions, which affect many product categories.

For example, the prices of dairy products and cheeses, more than 400 types of cold cuts, meat and fish, as well as healthy foods, vegetables and fruits have also been reduced.

Discounts are not only limited to food, but they also cover a wide range of non-food products, including small and large household appliances, home furnishings, garden tools, cleaning and beauty products, household chemicals, clothes and toys. Auchan thus provides customers with a wide range of quality products at competitive prices and offers.


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