three mysterious islands that are best avoided

Isolation and danger: three mysterious islands that are best avoided


03/24/2024 19:21

There are more than half a million different islands around the world, most of which pose no danger to people. However, some geographical features pose serious threats.

Which islands should those who don’t want to put their lives at risk avoid?

North Sentinel

It is difficult to believe that authentic cultures that developed in isolation still exist today. North Sentinel is one such mysterious place. This island, which belongs territorially to India, is inhabited by people who have never had contact with the outside world.

However, approaching the locals is extremely dangerous due to their hostile attitude. Residents of North Sentinel often kill outsiders who try to enter their territory.

Bikini Atoll

This island in the Pacific Ocean has a rather dark reputation. Although it was previously habitable, in the forties of the last century its residents were forced to leave their homes due to nuclear weapons testing.

They were later allowed to return, but many died from cancer, presumably due to radiation.


This Japanese island has been home to habitation for centuries, but volcanic activity has released toxic substances that make living there impossible.

People were evacuated, but some decided to return. However, it is still believed that the danger to life remains due to toxic fumes.

Author Victoria Gusakova

Victoria Gusakova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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