Traffic police officers arrested in Fez in connection with a case related to the embezzlement of fine money – Today 24

The regional division of the judicial police in the city of Fez opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, on Tuesday, in order to verify the criminal acts attributed to three police employees, who are an excellent security officer and a police lieutenant colonel working in the traffic violations office in the Fez security governorate, and an excellent retired security officer, on suspicion of their involvement in the crime. A case related to forgery, its use, and embezzlement of public funds.

The administrative and financial inspection process carried out by the National Security Services had identified deficiencies in the processes of keeping and managing the sums of arbitrary reconciliatory fines collected from traffic code violations in the Fez Security Province, which were supervised by suspected police officers. This matter necessitated referring the file to the judicial police in order to Opening a judicial investigation to verify the criminal acts committed.

The suspected police employees, including the retired employee, have been kept under theoretical custody pending the judicial investigation that is still ongoing in this case under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, for the purpose of identifying all violations committed, and investigating all possible involved persons.

In parallel with the judicial investigation procedures, the General Directorate of National Security issued a decision requiring the temporary suspension from work of the two suspected police officers, pending the arrangement of criminal and disciplinary responsibilities against them in this case, which falls within the context of a firm approach that links responsibility with accountability and seeks to consolidate the values ​​of Creating a general conditional facility.

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