How to care for watermelons in a greenhouse

You can grow watermelons in a region with a cold climate; you need to plant them in a greenhouse and properly care for them.


02/13/2024 18:06

Watermelons are a favorite summer berry that we love to eat on hot days. But what if you live in a cold climate? The solution may be to grow watermelons in a greenhouse. How to properly care for them to get a rich harvest?

Choosing a watermelon variety

The first step to successfully growing watermelons in a greenhouse is choosing the right variety. Not all varieties of watermelon are suitable for growing indoors. It is best to choose early varieties that ripen quickly and do not require a long growing season. Also pay attention to the size of the fruits – for the greenhouse it is better to choose medium or small sized varieties.

Soil preparation

To grow watermelons in a greenhouse, you need fertile soil with good air permeability. Before planting, it is recommended to add compost or humus to the soil to enrich it with nutrients. It is also necessary to provide a good drainage system to avoid stagnation of water.

Planting seedlings

It is best to grow watermelons in a greenhouse from seedlings. Planting is carried out in late spring or early summer, when the air temperature in the greenhouse is consistently above 15 degrees. Seedlings should be planted to a depth of 2-3 cm and a distance of about 50 cm should be left between plants.

Watering and fertilizing

Watermelons love moist soil, so regular watering is important for their successful cultivation. However, the main thing is not to overdo it with watering to avoid rotting of the roots. It is also recommended to feed the plants with complex fertilizer every 2-3 weeks.

Pruning and plant support

To prevent watermelons from taking up too much space in the greenhouse, they should be trimmed, leaving no more than 2-3 fruits on each plant. It is also a good idea to support the plants with supports so that they do not lie on the ground and risk damage.

How to form watermelons in a greenhouse

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