Transform your interior from ordinary to stylish: secrets of competent decoration

Transform your interior from ordinary to stylish: secrets of competent decoration


03/25/2024 02:42

Despite the significant costs of repairs and the initial confident feeling of the owners that all the details were chosen perfectly, over time the situation can change radically.

This is due to the fact that every day minor elements appear, which at first glance may seem trivial, but gradually turn the interior from stylish to tasteless. Designer Yulia Tychino spoke about this in detail.

Photos on tables, cabinets and shelves Design blogs often advise not to leave horizontal surfaces empty. However, professionals recommend creating beautiful, laconic and thoughtful compositions, while we often completely fill tables and cabinets with photographs. In general, it is important to remember that it is perfectly acceptable to display framed photographs of friends and family in a visible place.

However, if you decide to do this, it’s important to group them wisely and consider where to place them – perhaps hanging them on the wall would be better.

Posters without a brand After the Scandinavian interior style became popular, posters without a brand actively entered our apartments. These anonymous images are accessible and inexpensive, so many people decide to decorate their interiors with them.

Instead of blindly following trends, you should listen to the advice of designers who advise striving for individuality in interior design.

Travel souvenirs When we travel, we often buy souvenirs as keepsakes. These could be refrigerator magnets, figurines or other decorative items that then fill the shelves, or nautical elements that don’t always fit with the interior.

Instead, you can create a special memory box to store souvenirs from your travels and other things dear to your heart. They will be easy to view and will give you the opportunity to remember your adventures. Such decorative boxes usually fit well into the interior and do not create a feeling of overload in the space.

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