Two sisters were arrested for selling abortion-facilitating medications in Agadir – Today 24

On Tuesday, members of the Anti-Cybercrime Squad of the State Department of the Judicial Police in Agadir arrested two sisters, aged 29 and 33, on suspicion of their involvement in a case related to the possession and promotion of smuggled medicines that would harm the health of citizens.

The National Security Services had monitored advertisements published on social media pages, offering smuggled pharmaceutical materials for sale under the pretext of using them to facilitate abortions. Technical research and field investigations resulted in identifying the owner of the electronic account and arresting her red-handed in possessing and promoting a quantity of these smuggled pills.

The investigations carried out within the framework of this case also enabled the arrest of her sister, in addition to the seizure of an additional 160 tablets of the same medicine, in addition to the mobile phones used in committing this criminal activity.

The two suspects were kept under theoretical guard pending the investigation being conducted under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, in order to uncover all the circumstances and circumstances of this case, while investigations are still ongoing with the aim of arresting all those supposedly involved in committing these criminal acts.

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