Ugly or unique? Why Hokitika beaches in New Zealand caused shock

Ugly or unique? Why Hokitika beaches in New Zealand caused shock


03/25/2024 03:25

Russian travel blogger Marina Ershova shared her impressions of the city of Hokitika in New Zealand on her blog on the Zen platform, noting that the local beaches were the “ugliest” in her travel experience.

She noted that Hokitika attracts tourists with a variety of events, including a famous jazz festival, as well as its amber processing workshops, where you can buy unique jewelry and souvenirs. However, the blogger was shocked by the local beaches.

Ershova emphasized that the beaches of Hokitika disgusted her because of the huge number of logs scattered along the shore. These logs, left behind from logging operations and thrown up by the tides, create an absurd landscape reminiscent of a nightmare. She noted that even walking on these beaches was an unpleasant experience, let alone swimming.

Although city authorities are partially removing logs from the beaches, the problem is still serious, according to Ershova.

Earlier in her blog, the same traveler described several features of New Zealand, which, according to her, were incomprehensible to the Russian gaze. In particular, she was amazed by a game in which participants had to throw a lifeless possum as far as possible.

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