Useful even for an experienced gardener: what to plant in April

Useful even for an experienced gardener: what to plant in April

April is considered the most optimal month for those who plan to grow vegetables in their garden.

At this time, the soil actively warms up during the day, retaining a sufficient amount of moisture, pests are not yet a problem, which makes April ideal for planting tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in open ground.

It’s too late for seedlings on the windowsill, so you can easily create a mini-greenhouse right on the site.

To do this, it is enough to dig up the ground and fertilize it with humus. Furrows are made in the prepared soil, seeds are sown and immediately covered with cellophane. After 5-7 days, the first shoots will appear in the mini-greenhouse.

It is extremely important to monitor watering and ventilation, but you should not dive soil seedlings. When stable warmth sets in (the second half or end of April), the film from the mini-greenhouse can be completely removed for the day and covered again at night. As the seedlings grow, it will be necessary to increase the height of the covering material to 60-70 cm.

In open ground, without using a greenhouse, but with covering material, you can sow the seeds of carrots, radishes, radishes and various greens. In the second half of April, when the weather becomes warmer and sunny, beet, corn, sunflower and legume seeds can be sown without additional shelter.

It is important to monitor weather conditions and care for plants to ensure a good harvest.

Author Artyom Gaponenko

Artyom Gaponenko – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, political figure

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