Vera Tóth: “It’s no longer just a cute singer who answers the questions, but a conscious adult”

According to Vera Tóth, she is already over her mid-life crisis, and she considers herself lucky that it came to her much earlier.

Photo: TV2

Interview given in connection with the upcoming new year Blinkto Vera Tóth, who also told about the New Year’s concert. He is looking forward to it, and he also sent a message to those who missed his Christmas performance:

I look forward to seeing them in January. I promise, we will drive away the dark thoughts, come rain or blow, we will start 2024 fantastically!

The paper also asked about what year he can know behind him. The singer feels that she grew up in 2023, “in this year everything and everyone fell into place in her life”.

Life has thrown me into situations that have trained me, and now it’s not just a cute singer answering questions, but a conscious adult. I am grateful to fate for that. I became a woman this year. My partner is an exceptional person, which is why I was able to say yes to marriage. We live as a couple, we live in Palkonya and Budapest. I am lucky because I have many valuable, good-hearted people accompanying me on my journey, I feel that these relationships will last forever.

In connection with her fortieth birthday, the singer also revealed that she is not afraid of the watershed number.

I’m over my mid-life crisis, luckily it came much earlier than mine. So I can honestly say no. But it is certain that as you get older, you have to pay more attention to certain things, such as health. Spirituality is important to me, all obstacles are easier to overcome with faith, as I draw strength from noticing the values ​​that surround me. The sun keeps me going, and I believe that every morning is a new opportunity

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