Viktor Orbán made a promise, but he didn’t keep it either – The victims of Recki still don’t get state support

The victims of the Recki mudslide will not receive the state support previously promised by Viktor Orbán, as according to expert investigations, habitability was not affected by the disaster.

Photo: RTL

Last year because of the heavy rains twice, the houses in Recki were flooded by debris and mud spilling from the mine of the contractor close to the government. A total of 21 families were affected by damage similar to the Devecser mudslide.

Local residents have now told RTL Hírado that the streets and houses have since been cleaned of mud, but the 500 million forints have not yet been receivedeven though it was previously promised by Viktor Orbán in a government decree.

According to the position of the Ministry of the Interior, last summer’s two mud avalanches did not cause any conditions that would have affected habitability, so the grant document was not issued.

Based on previous investigations by the Mining Authority, the mining company is clearly responsible for the accident, and 21 families lost their homes as a result. Currently, the Reformed Church and the Maltese Charity Service are offering exchange apartments to those affected.

The situation is still tense, since the victims are still waiting for helpwhile community and church organizations are trying to find a solution for the families left without a roof.

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