We had to provide 10,000 beds annually 10 or 15 years ago – today the 24th

Abdul Latif Al-Mirawi, Minister of Higher Education, said, “University housing is one of the pillars of the national plan to accelerate the system of higher education and scientific research,” stressing that “today human formation is not limited to the classroom and departments, but rather is a life experience at the age of 17, 18, 19, and 20 years.”

In his answer to an oral question in the Council of Advisors, the Minister explained that “the capacity of the university dormitories was 52,000 beds last year, and this year an additional 7,000 beds were provided,” indicating that this is “insufficient.”

The minister added, “Ten or 15 years ago, we had to provide 10,000 beds per year in public, which would have enabled us to obtain 150,000 beds today,” noting that the government plans to achieve the number of “350,000 beds in the year 2030.” .

The government official believes that “the public’s coping capacity ranges between 5 to 10 thousand additional beds annually,” adding, “Today we have achieved 7 and we hope to remain at this level.”

Al-Mirawi urged territorial groups to take the initiative and form partnerships to build university districts in coordination with the ministry, noting that the private sector would help greatly in filling the shortage.

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