what does abuse of this drink lead to?

Tremor, panic: what does abuse of this drink lead to?


02/12/2024 14:38

Answering the question about whether coffee affects people with low blood pressure, a cardiologist at the therapeutic department of the CDC NCC No. 2 of the Russian Scientific Center for Surgery named after Academician B.V. Petrovsky Alfiya Yagafarova shared her knowledge.

She noted that coffee contains many beneficial substances, including caffeine, tannin, malic acid, antioxidants and others. The composition of the drink varies depending on its variety, origin and degree of roasting, and even the roasting process itself can impart up to 800 different flavors to the beans.

The doctor confirmed that drinking coffee can really help people with low blood pressure, as caffeine has an invigorating effect. She explained that the effect of coffee begins within 5 minutes after drinking it: it increases vascular tone, speeds up metabolism, improves stomach function, activates the brain and improves breathing.

According to scientific research, drinking one to two cups of coffee per day containing 200-300 mg of caffeine on average increases systolic blood pressure (upper) by 8 mmHg. Art., and diastolic (lower) – by 6 mm Hg. Art. This effect lasts for three hours after drinking the drink.

Specialist Batagova Violeta

Specialist in encephalopathy, polyneuropathy, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their complications, extrapyramidal diseases (Parkinson’s disease, tics, essential tremor, etc.), demyelinating diseases, diseases of the muscle synapse.

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Provides treatment for a wide range of neurological diseases (scoliosis, dorsopathies, headaches, back pain)

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Specialist in the treatment of neuropathy, consequences of stroke, neuralgia and dorsopathies.

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