what kind of soil is needed and how to care for it

Blueberries: what soil is needed and how to care for them


02/13/2024 07:02

Blueberries are a popular berry valued for their taste and nutritional qualities. To get a good blueberry harvest, you need to choose the right soil and provide it with proper care.

The soil for blueberries should be acidic (pH 3.5-4.5), loose and well-drained. To create such soil, you can use a mixture of peat, sand and pine sawdust in a ratio of 2:1:1. You can also add a little sulfur or citric acid to the soil to acidify it.

The place for planting blueberries should be sunny and protected from the wind. Before planting blueberries, it is necessary to add complex mineral fertilizer to the soil.

Blueberries need regular watering, especially in hot and dry weather. Watering should be moderate to prevent stagnation of water in the soil.

Blueberries need to be fed in spring and autumn with complex mineral fertilizer. You can also use organic fertilizers such as compost or humus.

Blueberry pruning is carried out in spring or autumn. When pruning, old, diseased and weak shoots are removed. Pruning also helps shape the blueberry bush and regulate its height.

To protect blueberries from pests and diseases, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatments. To do this, you can use insecticides and fungicides.

With proper care and soil selection, blueberries will delight you with an abundant harvest of tasty and healthy berries.

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Author Vladislav Lenivko

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