Why spring is the ideal time to buy country property: expert advice

Why spring is the ideal time to buy country property: expert advice


03/24/2024 18:54

Spring is considered the optimal time to purchase country real estate, says Tatiana Maksimova, Head of the Country Real Estate department at the INCOM-Real Estate company. In her opinion, at this time buyers have the opportunity to more rationally evaluate the options offered. “At this time, the snow has already melted, which allows us to more clearly understand the condition of the site, its humidity, the direction of water flow and other important aspects that may go unnoticed in the summer,” the specialist emphasizes.

Maksimova also draws attention to the fact that buyers who choose summer time to purchase plots may encounter a number of unpleasant situations, such as unexpected runoff of melt water from neighbors onto their plot.

It is also easier to carry out additional inspections in the spring. For example, you can assess the condition of the heating system, which may be difficult or impossible in the summer. It is also recommended to measure heat loss in the house, since even brick buildings do not always guarantee optimal heat retention. For these purposes, specialized devices can be used.

These recommendations are supported by the advice of State Duma deputy Nikita Chaplin, who notes the importance of avoiding the purchase of suburban areas with unfinished houses due to possible hidden risks.

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