Why you can’t buy tires from outdated brands


12/30/2023 13:21

Despite the abundance of Chinese tires on the Russian market, consumers still do not have complete confidence in them. Because of this, many drivers prefer to continue searching for reliable European brands that have been proven over the years.

Kolisov notes that offers from European manufacturers have now noticeably decreased, and drivers have to gradually abandon their usual brands of tires. In his opinion, it is worth starting the transition from famous brands such as Michelin and Continental now. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding the right tire model in the future, and replacing them may become a more difficult task.

He also points out that some European brands still produce tires in Russia, such as Pirelli and Yokohama. However, some companies produce the same tires under other brands, for example, instead of Nokian the Ikon brand appeared, and instead of Continental – Matador.

Kolisov emphasizes that tires from Chinese and Russian manufacturers may well become a worthy replacement for outgoing brands, and drivers may not even feel the difference.

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