why you shouldn’t relax when you’re feeling good

Everything is fine, you have cancer: why you shouldn’t relax when you feel good


02/13/2024 16:37

Early stages of cancer often occur without obvious symptoms, so the absence of pain does not always mean the absence of cancer, the Russian oncologist emphasized Khamis Magomedova.

The expert notes that although cancer itself is not transmitted, certain infections can contribute to its development. For example, human papillomavirus and Epstein virus are risk factors for cervical cancer and lymphoma, respectively.

It is emphasized that genetic predisposition plays a small role in the occurrence of cancer, while age, gender and lifestyle can increase the risk of the disease.

“Alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing tumors in the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and bladder. In addition, diet, ultraviolet radiation and radiation influence the appearance of cancer,” the oncologist added.

She noted that early diagnosis and initiation of treatment play a key role in the outcome of cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the more successful its treatment. Therefore, regular cancer screenings are necessary for everyone.

Specialist Barseghyan Sevak

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