Will a new virus bring the world to its knees again?

Heir to the coronavirus: will the new virus bring the world to its knees again?


02/13/2024 19:24

Mutations of viruses similar to the new Alaska smallpox virus occur relatively slowly, as reported by virologist Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexey Agranovsky. He noted that the likelihood of more dangerous variants emerging and an epidemic developing is extremely low.

According to Agranovsky, mutations, which include Alaskapox, develop more slowly compared to RNA-containing viruses, such as the causative agents of polio, foot-and-mouth disease, coronavirus pneumonia and other diseases. Consequently, the possibility of the emergence of more dangerous strains of poxvirus is low, and the development of epidemics is also unlikely.

Agranovsky noted that Alaskapox can be transmitted from animals to humans and cause isolated cases of the disease. However, in healthy people with normal immunity, the disease is usually mild and does not have serious consequences. He emphasized that the human body produces antibodies that help fight the virus, and it disappears from the body without leaving long-term consequences.

Specialist Simankova Tatyana

Engaged in the prevention, observation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of all internal organs of patients, including chickenpox, colds, acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, scarlet fever, measles, rubella, bronchitis, food poisoning, etc.

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