With intermittent fasting, cholelithiasis can progress

The result of errors when intermittent fasting may become cholelithiasis. An endocrinologist at the European Medical Center (EMC) warned about this. Julia Kathuria.

The doctor said that during fasting the walls of the gallbladder do not contract, as a result of which the bile stagnates. For the gallbladder to function, the body requires food. writes Gazeta.Ru.

“If it does not enter the body and the fasting interval is long, the gallbladder will not work. In this case, in people with a predisposition to the formation of gallstones or with the so-called “lazy gallbladder,” the development of gallstone disease may progress,” Kathuriya explained.

Also, poor diet diversity during fasting causes harm to the body, because in this way a person does not receive valuable nutrients – microelements, proteins, vitamins.

Before you start fasting, the endocrinologist advised you to take a biochemical blood test to understand whether the body lacks proteins and vitamins.

The doctor added that it is necessary to increase the duration of periods of fasting gradually, so as not to develop eating disorders and health problems.

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