Yavlinsky spoke about a serious conversation with Putin | November 21, 2023

“The point of this meeting was a ceasefire. He is the only person who makes such decisions and can make them. Therefore, you need to talk to the decision maker. That’s what the meeting was for,” Yavlinsky said.

According to him, Putin “listened to everything carefully.” Yavlinsky did not say anything else about the reaction of the head of state.

The politician noted that while “there is no peace plan,” there must first be a ceasefire, and then negotiations, which can go on “as long as you like.”

The meeting, as reported in Yabloko, took place on October 26. The party called Yavlinsky’s position on the need for a ceasefire “principled” and noted that the politician is ready to personally participate in negotiations on this issue. He also spoke with Putin about the problems of the Russian economy “in the context of fragmentation of the global economic system.”

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the information about the meeting between Putin and Yavlinsky.

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