Yet Varga’s ex-husband exploded a bombshell: Orbán did not allow Pál Völner to be replaced after Varga initiated it

Pál Völner was appointed State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice during the ministry of László Trócsányi, at the suggestion of Viktor Orbán. And Völner remained in his position even after Judit Varga became the Minister of Justice.

The Minister of Justice at the time initiated the replacement of State Secretary Pál Völner long before the Schadl case broke out. The prime minister did not agree to this, so Völner could stay in his place

– writes Péter Magyar, Judit Varga’s ex-husband on Facebook.

According to the indictment, the essence of the Schadl-Völner case is that Schadl established a corrupt relationship with Völner, who regularly received HUF 2-5 million from him – a total of at least HUF 83 million.

In return, the Secretary of State agreed to use the influence of his position to handle specific matters at Schadl’s request, such as lucrative executive appointments.

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