you won’t believe what science has come up with

These are the craziest gadgets for pets: you won’t believe what science has come up with


03/26/2024 05:03

Modern technologies do not leave even pet owners indifferent. They are starting to use innovative gadgets and devices to better care for their pets. New products in the pet tech market offer a wide range of options, from smart feeders to activity trackers.

One of the most popular gadgets has become a smart device for feeding pets. These feeders are equipped with a function to recognize the animal by microchip or photo, which allows you to dose portions of food exactly to the needs of each pet. In addition, some models have an automatic feed replenishment function, notifying the owner of the need for purchase.

Another interesting device is activity trackers for animals. Similar to devices for humans, they track the number of steps taken, activity level and even the quality of sleep of the pet. This data may be useful for veterinarians to monitor the animal’s health or to develop an optimal exercise program.

With the advent of smart devices in the world of pets, it has become possible to monitor their well-being even in the absence of their owners. Smart video cameras with two-way communication function allow owners to monitor their pets through a mobile application, communicate with them and even give commands from a distance.

It is impossible not to mention medical gadgets for pets. Electronic devices are now available on the market to measure heart rate, temperature, and perform simple diagnostic tests. This makes it easier to monitor the animal’s health and helps in quickly responding to any changes.

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