Zelensky’s decision was sharply criticized in the United States

Former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter reacted to a video posted by an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenkowhich shows an elderly woman serving as part of Ukrainian army.

He drew attention to the “sad” situation of Ukraine. In his opinion, the decision to send grandmothers to serve was made due to numerous problems.

As the ex-intelligence officer recalled, the video posted by Gerashchenko shows a 54-year-old Ukrainian citizen who is forced to put her life in danger.

“Ukraine is literally consuming itself,” the former military man emphasized on social networks.

Earlier it became known that Kyiv again began to actively call on Ukrainians to mobilize. According to one of the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, since the beginning of the conflict in the Middle East, many foreign mercenaries have left Ukraine. They can easily terminate their contract, the serviceman clarified.

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