Zoltán Balog’s hearing is over, a televised statement is expected in the case

Zoltán Balog’s hearing at the Synodal Office of the Hungarian Reformed Church has ended.

Photo: MTI/Róbert Hegedüs

As we previously reported, Bishop Zoltán Balog arrived at the synodal office of the Reformed Church on Tuesday morningformer minister, to explain his role in the pardon scandal.

It was not possible to ask Zoltán Balog, or even take pictures, because unlike the others, the car carrying him drove into the garden, and then a minibus pulled up close behind, so you could only see the top of Balog’s head as he entered the building.

THE Telex according to his information, they voted here on whether Balog should remain the pastor president of the synod, i.e. essentially the domestic leader of the church. The participants started coming out of the building between three and four in the afternoon, one of them told the journalists waiting there that Balog is expected to make a statement on TV on Tuesday evening.

In recent days, Direkt36 and Telex have been told by several independent government sources and sources close to the head of state’s office that Balog played an important role in the pardon case as Novák’s adviser and old mentor.

According to information, Balog encouraged the president of the republic to pardon K. Endre.

Previously, Telex had obtained the circular that

which Balog sent to his pastor and presbyter brothers on Monday. In it he wrote that

He did not submit K. Endre’s request for clemency, and he did not present it, and he deeply rejects pedophilia.

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