Coach Kanchelskis believes that Russia will not be able to return to European competition for ten years

Coach Kanchelskis gave his forecast for the timing of Russia’s suspension from participation in European competitions


02/12/2024 22:23

Soviet and Russian football player, coach Andrey Kanchelskis expressed the opinion that Russia will be for a long time suspended from competition European Cups.

Kanchelskis does not consider it likely that Russia will be able to return to the international stage in the next five years, since, in his opinion, almost all European countries will boycott matches with Russian clubs.

Kanchelskis also notes that the only chance for Russia to return is a tough policy on the part of UEFA towards teams that interfere with politics in sports. However, he doubts that everything will be exactly like that, and believes that Russia’s removal could take about ten years.

“This is all for ten years. Spartak would sooner become a champion than Russia would be returned to European competition,” Kanchelskis said in a conversation with RB Sport.

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