Direct presidential elections have never had a serious chance in Hungary

At home, there was never a serious chance of a direct presidential election.

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Since 2010, it is already the second president of the republic to leave before the end of his mandate. Pál Schmitt’s resignation in 2012 was caused by a plagiarism case and Kataliné Novák’s clemency petition acquitting a teacher who helped a pedophile, which grew into the biggest political crisis of Fidesz’s 14-year rule, according to a long article by Telex.

In the Fidesz circles, there is certainly a lot of thinking about who should be Novák’s successor. Momentum, MSZP, DK and Jobbik, on the other hand, came up with the idea of ​​direct election of the head of state. They initiated the amendment of the Basic Law, raising the question: why should the voters not be able to decide on the person of the president of the republic directly?

The answer turns out to be a Compiled by Telex!

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