Endre Kónya, who was acquitted in the pedophile case, gave an interview to Blikk: “I am innocent, the victim of a kidnapping”

Endre Kónya, who was convicted as an accomplice of the pedophile director of the children’s home in Bicske, spoke to the newspaper.

MTI Photo: Lajos Soós

Kónya Endre a In an interview with Blikk he firmly asserts that he is innocent, that he has not committed any violation of the law.

“I am innocent, the victim of a kidnapping”

said the teacher convicted of coercion and blackmail.

I myself deeply condemn pedophilia, I regret what happened, and as a teacher and a decent person, I sympathize with the victims. In my twelve-page statement posted on the social media page, I confirm this, as well as the fact that, in addition to my former director, another educator also molested children, I personally brought him down, and he was convicted for it.

– added Endre Kónya.

I also deny it, even before the court, I denied all the time that I wrote any false statements on behalf of the children, or that I wanted to force a juvenile to sign them by force or blackmail

– continued the man acquitted in the pardon decision.

“I don’t want to give an answer to the question of who wrote and wrote such statements at the time. The facts of the judgment also did not say that I wanted to sign anything with a single child in the presence of the director. On the advice of our family lawyer, I do not want to add anything to what happened , be content with this for now.”

– the former deputy director of the children’s home in Bicske concluded the interview.

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