György Nógrádi: Why does Ukraine continue the war and blackmail the West?

Security policy expert György Nógrádi also reflected on the current news of the Russian-Ukrainian war in Ultrahang’s Wednesday broadcast.

Photo: MTI/György Varga

“Mr. Teacher” still does not sympathize with Zelensky, He talks about it from 3:14that more and more Western leaders, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, believe that if the USA does not continue to help, then Ukraine will collapse.

Nógrádi responded to the statement of the head of the Ukrainian presidential office in Washington that his country could lose the war if the American Congress even postpones the vote on further financial and military support:

It is very strange to me that the Ukrainian leadership makes propaganda every day at the expense of Europe and America. He is constantly blackmailing: “if you don’t give me more money, I will perish”. Tell me, then why do they continue the war?

– asks György Nógrádi, who says that it is obvious that Ukraine was pushed into the war by Great Britain and the United States.

“Mr. Teacher” continues to persist, referring to certain American politicians his previous position in addition to the fact that a significant part of Western money sent to Ukraine is stolen locally.

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