In the Stavropol region this year, three cases of children swallowing magnetic balls were recorded.

A child who swallowed magnetic balls was operated on at the Stavropol Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital


03/25/2024 14:12

This year, the Stavropol Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital recorded several cases of foreign objects entering the stomachs of children. In three of them it was magnetic balls.

In the first two episodes, magnetic beads were found in the stomach. They were taken out using an endoscope.

In the third case, the parents did not know that the child had swallowed an object and went to the hospital because the child was constantly vomiting. On an x-ray, doctors saw magnetic balls in the small intestine. Due to their attraction to each other, the intestinal loops fused together, which became the cause of constant vomiting. This is reported by

The baby underwent emergency surgery and is currently undergoing treatment.

Doctors once again remind parents of how important it is to be attentive to their children and not allow them to play with things that are dangerous to their health.

Author Oksana Permyakova

Oksana Permyakova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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